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The Solution to
Low Financial Literacy

This curriculum helps adults understand key topics, vocabulary, and concepts related to managing money—teaching them to make sound financial decisions

Designed by professionals
on the front line


One in four Americans is financially fragile. The most vulnerable groups are women, minorities, those with low education or those with low income. Literacy for Life, a community-based adult literacy organization on the Virginia Peninsula, designed On the Money with these populations in mind. Literacy for Life is located at renowned university William & Mary.

The Problem

Adults with low financial literacy spend an average of 12 hours per week dealing with personal financial issues. Low financial literacy creates stress and instability

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What makes this curriculum different?

While many banks and financial institutions offer "financial literacy" information for free…

  • Vulnerable populations who struggle financially are unlikely to know where to find the information

  • Most of the information is written at too high a level

  • It assumes knowledge of financial vocabulary, terms, and concepts

  • Digital literacy is needed to access it

  • Information is not broken down into actionable steps

On the Money: Finances Made Easy incorporates adult learning principles and authentic materials to build a foundational understanding of money management. This program bridges the gap and provides adults with straightforward, practical information so that they can build the confidence and knowledge they need to identify and reach financial goals.

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Developed by
Literacy For Life
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To learn more and receive a custom quote, contact:

Bob Estremera
+1 (757) 221-1265
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Literacy for Life
William & Mary
301 Monticello Ave
PO Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187

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