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How It Works

With the knowledge and skills to manage money and plan for the future, families are better positioned to embrace opportunity and achieve their dreams for generations to come. 

Five Principles

On the Money aligns with The US National Strategy for Financial Literacy which supports the following Five Principles of Effective Financial Education:

1  Know the individuals and families to be served

2 Provide actionable, relevant, and timely information 

3  Improve key financial skills

4  Build on motivation

5  Make it easy to make good decisions and follow through

12 Lessons

On the Money is composed of 12 lessons, which that focus on the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for a sound financial future.

  1 Understand a Paycheck

  2 Identify Income and Expenses

  3 Create a Budget

  4 Build an Emergency Fund

  5 Save for Retirement

  6 Understand Credit

  7 Pay Down Debt

  8 Understand Investment Options

  9 Spend Money Wisely

10 Set SMART Financial Goals

11  Achieve Financial Security

12 Review

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