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Giving Options

Annual Fund

Your gift to the annual fund enables us to continue to provide the essential programs, services and technology for all who need the opportunity to learn and grow.  When you give to Literacy for Life, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are enhancing the quality of life for learners who walk through our doors. Gifts at all levels are most welcome.

You can make a one-time OR recurring gift.

Milestone Gifts

Honor someone with a gift to Literacy for Life. Milestone gifts may be made for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Gifts in memory of loved ones are also fitting tributes. Literacy for Life will provide acknowledgment both to you and to the honoree or family of the person memorialized. This is a wonderful option for end-of-year teacher gifts and birthday presents for those who “have everything!”


Planned Gifts

The Legacy for Literacy!

Literacy for Life (LFL) has been an integral part of our community for over 40 years. Through the foresight and inspiration of concerned citizens, Literacy for Life has grown to provide valuable services and support to adult learners in the surrounding community. It is the only organization in the area that provides free tutoring for adults in reading, writing and math skills as well as instruction in English for speakers of other languages.

How many people would my gift impact?

With the support of our donors, we are able to help over 800 adults in our area to make life-changing breakthroughs as they strive toward independence and new opportunities. Because of generous support from members of the community, our learners are finding better jobs, receiving their GEDs, actively participating in their children’s schools, and becoming more involved in our community.

Why make a planned gift?

Planned gifts help grow Literacy for Life’s programs and services, and ensure that the organizations engaging programs and critical services will be available for all who need the opportunity to learn and grow. When you give to Literacy for Life, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are enhancing the quality of life for learners who walk through our doors. What better legacy to leave your community than the gift of enlightenment–the kind that touches both the intellect and the spirit? Your gift makes a difference.  


Planned giving not only strengthens our organization and community, it also can provide you, the donor, with tax advantages, and ensures that your generosity will be remembered and will serve as an inspiration to others by your example. Depending on the kind of gift you make, the investments you have made over the years for your family can be secured . . . while making a wonderful gift to Literacy for Life at the same time.

How can I make a planned gift?

    A bequest is perhaps the easiest way to provide for Literacy for Life’s future. A bequest is a gift made in your will that names Literacy for Life as a recipient of part of your estate. It may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or a remainder after other distributions have been made.  You may also choose to restrict the bequest to a specific Literacy for Life purpose or program. If you already have a will and would like to add LFL as a beneficiary, we would be pleased to assist you in the phrasing of any proposed form of bequest to us.  

    You may also choose to transfer your assets into a trust, which pays income to you, or to other designated beneficiaries, until the trust terminates and the remaining principle is left to Literacy for Life.

    Many donors overlook life insurance as a source of charitable giving, yet it can be utilized to increase the impact of your philanthropy.  This is done by transferring ownership of a life insurance policy to Literacy for Life, or simply changing the policy’s beneficiary designation to LFL for some or all of the policy’s proceeds.  This type of gift is particularly popular with donors who have policies and their families are adequately provided for through other means.  This is also a way to provide significant support for Literacy for Life if you are not presently able to make an outright donation.



Inspire a brighter future!

The Legacy for Literacy Society is a group of supporters who have confirmed a planned gift to Literacy for Life of at least $5,000.


As a member, you will receive:

  • Invitations to Special Events

  • Periodic updates on the impact of your planned giving

  • Recognition on the Legacy for Literacy Society Wall of Fame, in the annual report and on our website

Hands Up

    An tax-effective gift is a bequest of your retirement plan, such as an IRA, 401(k) or pension.  Leaving a qualified retirement plan to a non-profit organization such as LFL, may avoid estate and income taxes at death.

    Gifts of marketable securities will be deductible for income tax purposes in the year of the gift to the full extent of the fair market value of the shares at the time it is made.  You may avoid capital gains tax on the sale of the securities, and the stock may avoid estate tax at your death.

Get Started on Your Planned Gift

Planned giving is vital to the future of Literacy for Life.  When Literacy for Life is named in a will or other estate planning, we always appreciate being informed.  Your gift not only helps us plan for the years ahead, but gives us the opportunity to express our sincere appreciation.

To discuss your planned gift or ask questions, please contact Bob Estremera at 757-221-1265 or email

This information is not intended as legal advice.  Please consult your attorney or financial advisor about how best to design your planned gift.