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Bridging the Digital Divide

TechConnect addresses the digital equity gap by taking a three-pronged approach for learners to unlock opportunities in life and work:

  1. Digital literacy classes and one-on-one instruction help learners develop digital resilience by exposing learners to a wide range of digital skills to include basic computer skills, internet basics, email, Microsoft Word and career search skills.

  2. Assistance in accessing affordable broadband through the Affordable Connectivity Program is available.

  3. Partnerships and additional funding to provide devices free of charge to learners who qualify based on need.



For more information, please contact Fiona VanGheem,

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According to the National Skills Coalition, 92% of Virginia jobs require digital skills.

Of 43 million U.S. job postings surveyed, the average required 8 digital skills.

32 million adults cannot use a computer effectively.

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