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On the Money: Finances Made Easy

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"I have learned so much from this beautiful class. Now I have an emergency fund and am looking forward to saving for retirement. I realize now how important it is to invest in myself and my retirement. I feel my future will be better after taking these classes.

Sandra, On the Money learner

Financial Literacy for Adults

Many adults have difficulty understanding and using financial information. On the Money: Finances Made Easy, LFL’s financial literacy program, helps these individuals understand key topics, vocabulary, and concepts related to managing money. With this knowledge, they can make sound financial decisions.


Participants meet in classes—or with a tutor for a hands-on, individualized approach—to improve understanding of their specific financial needs and develop healthy money habits. Participants also learn to use mobile applications and other digital tools related to financial literacy.

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Topics include: 
  • Understanding My Paycheck 

  • Budgeting My Money 

  • Credit Cards 

  • Saving & Investing 

  • Creating and Reaching Financial Goals 

The Problem

Adults with low financial literacy spend an average of 12 hours per week dealing with personal financial issues.

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What sets Literacy for Life's Financial Literacy Program apart? 

On the Money: Finances Made Easy incorporates adult learning principles and authentic materials to build a foundational understanding of money management. Financial information is often confusing. This program bridges the gap and provides adults with straightforward, practical information so that they can build the confidence and knowledge they need to identify and reach financial goals.

For more information, please contact Frances Falcon at or call (757) 221-3325.

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