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Career Development for Adults

The EmployEd Program provides career development services to adults who are seeking to gain employment, retain their current employment or advance in their careers.


The program offers both group and/or one-to-one tutor training to adults seeking to grow  their financial literacy skills, career readiness skills, and/or soft skills. Adult participants will meet with a Certified Global Career Development Facilitator to develop a customized work readiness plan to:

  • enhance their interviewing skills

  • write a resume and cover letter

  • apply strategies to their career search

  • utilize local resources to meet their own needs


In addition, adult participants can receive individualized and tailored training services and support to help prepare them to take the GED exam, Virginia Placement Test, and/or enter into a college or industry specific training program.

For more information, please contact Frances Falcon at or call (757) 221-3325.

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