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Trustworthy Employees Meet Trustworthy Employers

Williamsburg Landing regularly seeks trustworthy, highly capable employees for entry-level positions. Literacy for Life regularly serves trustworthy, highly capable adult learners who are striving to take their first step along a promising career pathway. At Literacy for Life, learners have ample opportunity to demonstrate their commitment, reliability, and skill development. At Williamsburg Landing, employees receive a fair wage, benefits, a positive work environment, and advancement opportunity. Recognizing their value to one another, Literacy for Life’s EmployEd Program and Williamsburg Landing’s Talent Management Department have developed a mutually beneficial relationship, providing invaluable opportunities for Literacy for Life’s learners.

Brenda came to Williamsburg from El Salvador and, like many immigrants, took her first job in a restaurant kitchen. She enrolled with Literacy for Life with a goal of improving her English, and as her confidence blossomed, she identified healthcare as her career path. Brenda sought funding from a state workforce program to pursue training as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but her application was denied due to concerns about her language level. Literacy for Life matched Brenda with a tutor, Lauren, who is a nurse herself. Lauren previewed medical information and vocabulary with Brenda while also helping her increase her confidence with English. Before long, Lauren and LFL staff agreed that Brenda was ready to thrive in a CNA course–but funding for the course remained a hurdle. LFL’s Career Coach, Frances Falcón, arranged for Brenda to interview with Williamsburg Landing, who chose to fund the tuition for her CNA certification course. Today, Brenda is a valued and happy member of the certified nursing staff at Williamsburg Landing’s Adult Day Center.

Don has worked hard to put an extraordinarily difficult childhood behind him. He has dedicated himself to caring for others and bringing kindness into every situation. He came to Literacy for Life at the recommendation of his wife, who had benefitted from the program herself years ago. LFL staff offered Don support as he considered his career options and, upon observing his commitment and kindness, recommended him for an interview at Williamsburg Landing. Because he does not have a computer of his own, LFL staff provided him with space and technical support to attend his virtual interview. Unsurprisingly, Don impressed the Williamsburg Landing team, who have offered to fund his CNA training, with the promise of a position as a CNA.

Zineb, from Morocco, came to Literacy for Life as a “high beginning” ESL learner. A homemaker, she appreciated the opportunity to attend English classes virtually, and attend them she did! With the intensive instruction she received, her skills improved rapidly to an advanced level. Finding herself ready to work outside the home, she successfully obtained a part-time position in retail. Her passion, though, is to work in a caregiving role with seniors, and she decided to pursue a career at Williamsburg Landing. Zineb successfully interviewed and was hired right away to serve in a position not requiring certification. Williamsburg Landing funded her CNA training course, and Zineb is studying for her certification exam with a tutor, Michele, who is also a medical professional. For Literacy for Life’s learners, improving their skills and knowledge is one thing. It’s quite another to identify a career path, navigate a search, and discern which employers will provide a high-quality work experience. Literacy for Life’s Career Coach is an invaluable ally and guide during that process, while tutors, teachers, and staff provide instruction and support. Meanwhile, local hiring departments face constant question marks as they evaluate applications from strangers. Williamsburg Landing appreciates referrals from Literacy for Life, as they can rest assured that learners who earn LFL’s recommendation have achieved certain standardized scores to measure their language skill level, and have demonstrated to LFL staff that they are reliable and committed. In 2023, Literacy for Life hopes to develop more relationships with employers in popular fields like the trades, information technology, commercial driving, and of course healthcare. If you know of a local company that offers fair wages and benefits, strong entry-level positions, a positive work environment, and advancement opportunity, we encourage you to reach out to Career Coach Frances Falcón at

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