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Literacy As Legacy

Alvin's father couldn't read. His mother worked long hours. When Alvin struggled in elementary school, he was placed into special classes where, he remembers, "They gave me the same work for twelve years." As an adult, Alvin has devoted himself to improving his reading and, especially, to supporting his sons. Today, Alvin feels more independent in his personal life. His older son is enrolled in college, and his younger son will graduate from high school this year.

Dinora's parents grew up in rural El Salvador, in an area with no physical schools. Their two years of education consisted of gathering around a table in a local teacher's home, with lessons written on a literal board: a piece of wood. Dinora graduated from high school in El Salvador but came to the United States with limited English skills. She dedicated herself to learning English primarily so that she could support her children. They are thriving in their school's gifted program and have goals of becoming a doctor and writer.

LaShawnna was raised by grandparents who did not have knowledge of banking, budgeting, and saving. She observed them working into their seventies and wanted something different for herself and her family. By applying what she learned in On the Money class, LaShawnna has set financial goals, established an emergency fund, and is saving for retirement. She has shared her lessons with her husband and son--and her son has opened a savings account for her granddaughter!

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