WENDY: An example to her daughters (and inspiration to all)

Wendy Romero emigrated to the US from Honduras in 2005 in search of a better life. She spoke a little English, “just a few words, not enough to get a job or help my daughters with homework.” In fact, her daughters were at the forefront of her mind when she first came to Literacy for Life five years ago. She remembers, “I wanted to improve my English so I could be active and present for all my daughters’ activities.“

Wendy’s English improved steadily, and eventually she decided to pursue high school completion. “I wanted to be an example to my daughters and also be able to get a successful job,” she reflects. With the help of tutor Skip Shannon, Wendy buckled down to complete the rigorous reading, writing, and digital literacy assessments required to enroll in the National External Diploma Program. She focused most of her energy on the daunting challenge of learning to write an essay in her second language, persisting even as she and Skip were forced by the pandemic to transition to remote tutoring. Her writing improved significantly, and recently she successfully enrolled in the NEDP program, where she is making excellent progress.

Tutor Skip says of Wendy that "she has never met a challenge that she will not try. She can do anything that she sets her sights on.” She has set her sights high: She plans to earn her diploma, pursue a degree in education, and become a teacher! We are thrilled, and we know she’ll be a great one!

Wendy is grateful for the support she is receiving during her journey. “I want to thank my tutor Skip for the patience, love, and passion to teach me and motivate me. Also, thank you to Literacy For Life for helping me and many others to pursue our dreams.”

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